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There Has To Be A Better Way

by Graham Rihn

There has to be a better way. We all want something better. A better way to store files; a better way to run payroll; a better way to find a ride home. These moments of wanting something better are what inspire, or fulfill, big ideas and transformational products. My desire for “a better way” involves recycling.

The Golden Rules of Recycling

Do you ever find yourself approaching your recycling bin and asking yourself, “is this item even recyclable?” or “how in the world do I recycle this?” The next time you find yourself questioning what you’re recycling, keep in mind the Golden Rules listed in our post.

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Get To Know What To Toss

It’s important that your staff and coworkers are educated and up to date on what materials are accepted for recycling. To help make it easier, we’ve identified which materials your office should recycle, and which ones should be tossed.

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