New Year, New Business Resolutions

New Year, New Business Resolutions


2021 is right around the corner and while this has been anything but a normal year filled with unprecedented challenges, 2020 has also brought along with it a newfound awareness, resolve, and resilience collectively, which we can use as motivation to create a brighter future as we turn the page on this next chapter. 

Undoubtedly, there are already a slew of blog posts in our inboxes suggesting lofty goals for businesses and individuals to consider as they enter 2021. However, we know how overwhelming those messages can be after a tough year, so we’re here to keep it short and sweet. 

Every habit, whether for an individual or an organization, takes small steps to build into an ongoing practice. As we all prepare to welcome what we hope to be a fresh start, consider adopting one or more of the following sustainability tips with a little intention and be sure to take the time to appreciate the positive changes, both big and small, that ensue. 


Go paperless

While going fully paperless may seem daunting, cutting back on your paper usage is much more manageable and a great way to be more sustainable too! Small changes, like double-sided printing, switching to electronic billing, using recycled printer paper, and opting-out of junk mail are a few additional ways you can impact your paper usage to be more environmentally-friendly.


Setting up a composting program in your office will not only divert food from your waste containers, but also decrease your waste costs. By implementing a compost bin, you can turn office food scraps into a nutrient-rich soil that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Get Involved

Getting involved in your community and volunteering is a great way to forge professional relationships while working together on a cause you care about. Aside from positively impacting your community, it also builds your company brand image and bonds within teams.

Conserve Energy

Saving energy within your business not only helps the environment but saves money for your business when it comes to utility costs. Small changes like automatically turning off the lights and computers at the end of the day, using energy-saving lightbulbs, or installing efficient HVAC systems, can make a huge difference for your business, the environment, and your bottom line.

Go Reusable

Avoid single-use items like paper coffee cups, plastic bags, and plastic bottles. Instead, consider purchasing more durable items like ceramic coffee mugs, reusable tote bags, and glass water bottles to reduce the amount of waste your business generates while also sending less waste to landfill.


Last but not least, there are several benefits your business can receive when you invest in recycling. Not only does smarter recycling decrease waste costs,  but it also diverts waste from landfill and is an eco-friendly way to get employees engaged at your organization. Explore recycling options here.


New Year's resolutions don't have to be overly ambitious or impossible to keep! Simply take some slow, deliberate steps with the understanding that they will eventually add up to a bigger impact over time. Until 2021, we at RoadRunner wish you a healthy, safe, and happy new year ahead. And, as always, don’t hesitate to comment below sharing the “green” new year’s tips that worked for you or reach out to us for expertise on transforming your organization’s waste & recycling program for the better.

From all of us at RoadRunner Recycling, have a happy new year! 🙌♻️✨


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