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An end-to-end partner in managing complex waste & recycling streams at car dealerships and mechanic businesses.

Our unparalleled offering includes a custom program designed to meet your exact recycling & waste needs, container delivery and maintenance, signage and education materials, on-demand or scheduled service, and a team of customer service representatives who handle it all so you can focus on what’s most important for your business.

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Here’s What You Need To Know :

We Save Customers An Average Of 15% :

We Save Customers An Average Of 22% :

It doesn’t cost your business to work with us; we are able to work in co-existence with any hauler, whether or not you are currently in a contract.

We'll Increase Your Recycling Rates :

We'll Increase Your Recycling Rates :

Every year in the US, businesses discard $38 billion of recyclables in landfills. RoadRunner will massively improve your recycling rates and generate more savings.

We Will Be Dedicated To Your Business :

We Will Be Dedicated To Your Business :

RoadRunner team members are dedicated to each account, who are there to support and facilitate any and all operational changes for your service.

We Handle It All :

We Handle It All :

Our end-to-end custom solutions allow you to get back to focusing on what’s most important to your business.

Did You Know?

Every year, over 25 million tons of materials are recycled from old vehicles.
14 million tons of recycled steel is derived from recycled vehicles every year.
Approximately 90% of vehicle aluminum is recovered and recycled.

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Driving Sustainability


The auto industry focuses heavily on their customers, which means their waste operations are not always a top priority. But because of the generated office paper, packaging and cardboard, and materials from the repair shop like auto glass, engines, car batteries and rubber tires, an opportunity exists to create sustainable programs to recycle more.

Speedy Service


We know your industry is based on quick service; that’s why we work efficiently on your behalf. We streamline your waste and recycling operations to ensure optimal service levels and that you are utilizing the correct equipment. Streamlined and optimal equipment means you can get back to focusing what’s important to your business.

We Handle Your Operations

We Handle
Your Operations

We provide our car dealer and mechanic customers with a dedicated Customer Service Agent and Account Manager who will manage all of your waste related operations so you can stay focused on what’s important for your business. From your steady waste cycles to bulk pick-ups, RoadRunner takes care of your operations.

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