Scrap Metal Recycling

Metal, metal everywhere! Likely your business handles metal in some form or another, whether it’s in the form of clothes hangers, appliances or even copper wires. Annually, the US processes more than 250 billion pounds of scrap metals, which saves an enormous amount of virgin natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. If your business tosses scrap metal every month, find out how we can help you recycle it more responsibly – and save you money while doing so!

Save on Your Waste Disposal Costs and Reduce Your Monthly Bill

Help give valuable metals a new life and conserve natural resources

We develop custom scrap collection programs that support your business’ needs

Scrap Metal Recycling is Valuable for Many Kinds of Businesses:

Automobile Factories
Dry Cleaners
Property Management Groups
Electronic Retailers
Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

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Scrap Metal Recycling Facts & Tips

Know Your Metal

Both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals are recyclable. Ferrous metals contain some quantity of iron; thus, they possess some level of magnetic attraction. Of all the ferrous metals, steel is the most commonly recycled material. On the other hand, non-ferrous scrap metals – like aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc – are less common, but are extremely valuable (totaling around $40 billion in 2014).

Sources of Scrap

Sure, automobiles and appliances are obvious sources of scrap metals. But there are also many more surprising places to reuse valuable metals. For instance, recycling electronics and e-waste – like computers, circuit boards, cell phones, hard drives and batteries. These unwanted devices are treasure troves of precious metals like platinum, gold and silver. Plumbers, electricians and construction workers may be surprised to learn they can recycle their pipes, wires, steel construction beams or aluminum roof shingles.

Monetize Your Metal

There’s a surprising upside potential to recycling your scrap metal. Aside from contributing to more sustainable operations, you can cut your business’ waste costs and save money every month. Even obsolete devices and rusty scrap pieces can become unexpected revenue sources for your business! We can help your business identify hidden opportunities to recycle more materials and cut costs – reach out to learn more.

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