Clothing Recycling

85% of unwanted textiles go straight to landfill. We want to help change this! That’s why we make it easy (and cost-effective) for businesses like yours to recycle their unwanted clothing, textiles or fabrics.

Donate! Reuse your clothing to help those in need

Hassle-free: We’ll provide the containers / bags

Get started today! Order today and get serviced tomorrow

We accept any kind of cloth material for pickup, including:

Shoes / Boots
Textile Accessories
Bedding / Curtains
Scrap fabric

Clothing Recycling Tips and Information

Clean & Dry

Did you know that any type of textile can be recycled? Worn, stained, even torn textiles can all be reused, so long as they are kept dry and clean. Recycle those outdated company uniforms or unclaimed swag – it’s one of the easiest ways to divert material from landfill and help those in need!

Conserve Natural Resources

Creating new textiles from scratch requires gallons of water and petroleum, chemicals and energy. Stop the consumption practice and “clothes the loop” by sending your unwanted fabrics to be recycled. In so doing, your business will be actively helping to conserve precious natural resources.

A Second Life

Rather than send them to rot in landfill, put those tattered t-shirts and fabric scraps to use as wiping cloths – or even yarn, paper, insulation or carpet fiber. Your reused clothing will always be put to use. Donated items in good condition will be kept whole and distributed to help out those in need.