Composting Services

Does your business throw away a lot of food? If so, you’re not alone – 25% of the average office waste stream is composed of easily recycled organics like coffee grounds and apple cores. We can help you reduce food waste and save money on your scraps.

Save on Your Waste Disposal Costs and Reduce Your Monthly Bill

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste sent to landfill

Customize a compost solution that works for your business

Compostable Items Include:

  • Vegetable Pieces
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Food Scraps
  • Fruit Peels
  • Waxed Cardboard
  • Paper Towels and Napkins
  • Flowers and Plants

Food Recycling Tips and Information

Line the Bin

Sure, compost can be messy. Make the process easier on everyone by using compostable liners. They help prevent spills and keep contained all the materials that no one wants to touch, which helps ensure the highest level of employee participation!

Put a Lid on It

The biggest objection about compost is that it stinks. But, there are many ways to contain the smell! Use a small countertop bin with a lid or a specialized stainless steel bucket. Small loads and foot pedals keep the air fresh and make it easy for everyone to keep composting!

Make a List

Different facilities and compost programs accept different kinds of materials. Keep a brightly colored list, clearly outlining what can and cannot be composted, right next to your countertop or floor compost bin. It encourages participation and helps avoid contamination!

Have Questions?

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