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SMART Waste Management Technology For Intelligent Operations

Our patented smart waste management technology and data-driven strategies are the backbone for our team of modern recycling and waste experts to reliably provide you with the most streamlined, affordable and sustainable waste & recycling services.

location-specific + portfolio-wide performance metrics

OverSite™ Technology

Our proprietary OverSite™ technology provides a single platform that houses all customer and operational data, allowing our teams to take action on your waste so you don't have to. From basic service and contract information to vendor performance reporting, our smart waste management technology takes the hassle out of overseeing your operations.

Eyes in every dumpster

Waste Metering™

Did you know that the average commercial dumpster is serviced when only 51% full? This is because traditional haulers generate more profit the more often they service your dumpster.

Smart waste management means innovative waste solutions. With our patented Waste Metering™ technology — rugged, in-dumpster smart cameras powered by AI — we can know how much waste you produce so we can optimize your service schedule, drive cost savings and enable better transparency and reporting.

Billcheck icon which is a checkmark on a piece of paper signifying an invoice
invoice accuracy


Did you know that 21% of vendor invoices have errors in favor of the vendor? Our modern waste solutions include BillCheck™ technology, which makes flagging invoice billing discrepancies easier, helping us keep an eye on our vendors and allowing our team of experts to quickly resolve issues so we can keep your costs under control.

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cost control


Our innovative waste solutions keep cost control top-of-mind. PriceShield™ technology uses AI to analyze pricing, service and vendor data points across our 19,000+ existing customers to guarantee you the best rates in your area and limit potential rate increases.


Waste and recycling technology innovation is what sets us apart from the rest. Let's get the conversation started on how to drive recycling and cost savings for your business.

Learn more about waste management and recycling technologies.

How does RoadRunner embed sustainability technology within its operational strategies

RoadRunner integrates a variety of cutting-edge recycling technologies into its operations. This strategic approach aims to reduce waste, decrease carbon emissions, and optimize operational efficiency.

How are recycling technologies evolving to address the complexities of modern waste streams?

As contemporary waste streams become more intricate due to varied composite materials and increasing consumerism, recycling technologies are undergoing rapid advancements. By integrating data analytics, AI, and advanced processing techniques, these technologies can segregate, process, and repurpose a broader range of materials, ensuring that a larger percentage of waste is efficiently recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle. 

How does modern recycling surpass traditional recycling methods when it comes to sustainability technology?

Modern recycling employs advanced sustainability technology to analyze a diverse array of materials, and providing accurate data to drive better recycling. This approach significantly minimizes environmental impact when compared to traditional recycling techniques.

What sets apart innovative waste recycling from conventional recycling approaches?

Modern recycling adopts the latest techniques, advanced recycling technologies, and refined processes. These advancements enhance efficiency, minimize waste byproducts, and broaden the scope of materials that can be effectively recycled, setting it apart from traditional methodologies.

What is smart waste management?

Smart waste management integrates sustainability technology and innovative waste management technologies to optimize recycling processes and enhance efficiency. By leveraging modern recycling and waste management technologies, such as Waste Metering™ and other waste technology services, organizations can implement more effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for waste disposal and resource utilization.