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Tailored Commercial Recycling Services


We're not a traditional hauler so we don't own landfills, expensive trucks and costly sorting facilities - that means we can provide recycling services beyond just single-stream recycling. In fact, we're able to provide location-specific, tailored recycling solutions to not only increase recycling, but also drive cost savings.



Tons Recyclables Diverted from landfills


Tons Greenhouse gas emissions avoided


Of CleanStream™ Materials Are Recycled


Customers get the following commercial recycling services at no additional cost.

  • Tailored Recycling Services

    A professional recycling advisor will work with you to analyze and determine the type of recycling service that best suits each of your locations: Traditional single stream or Roadrunner's CleanStream™ program, that source separates recyclables for value creation and higher diversion rates. From recycling infrastructure to business recycling pick-up, we help ensure a comprehensive and seamless recycling experience.


    Leveraging our preferred vendor network for competitive rates, we can help you procure and implement equipment you need to streamline recycling, ranging from front-load and roll-off dumpsters, compactors, gaylords and balers to flagship waste stations, bale wire, pallets, carts, toters, drums and more.

  • Digital Labels, Signage & Admin Resources

    We'll provide stream labels and sorting signage for your containers, work areas and loading/pick-up points and tracking worksheets and audit forms which can be vital in simplifying operations and building an effective recycling program for businesses.

  • Employee Training & Educational Materials

    Our team of expert recycling consultants provides digital educational and training materials to help you get your staff up to speed and keep your waste and recycling streams clean and operationally optimal.


Want to step up your recycling game? Add-on any of our advanced services.

  • Specialty Stream Services

    No matter your industry, our recycling experts help set up specialized recycling processes for high-volume and hard-to-recycle streams that include custom capture points, dedicated bins and equipment, and direct-to-recycler transportation to make sure your recyclables actually get recycled and your operations run efficiently.

  • Dedicated TRUE Advisor for Zero Waste/Recycling Consulting

    Our Zero Waste TRUE Advisors can assist with site design, training, certifications and advanced strategy to maximize diversion from landfills. You'll also receive onsite audits and event-specific support, as needed, to help meet your sustainable waste management goals. 

  • Contamination Monitoring

    Our patented Waste Metering technology can verify when your recycling dumpsters are flagged for contamination so you can take corrective action to avoid future contamination.

  • Advanced Sustainability Reporting & Impact Metrics

    We utilize proprietary, world-class technology to digitize waste operations and capture accurate, standardized landfill diversion, tonnage and Scope 3 data, helping you track and report your progress towards Zero Waste and emissions reduction goals.

Green recycling crate full of stacked cardboard


Since we're not a traditional recycling company, we can implement our innovative CleanStream recycling services, when and where it makes sense for your business, to improve your landfill diversion, drive additional savings and improve ESG reporting.

Speak to our Recycling Consultants

Let's get the conversation started on how to drive commercial recycling and cost savings for your business.

Is RoadRunner a traditional hauler / recycling company?

RoadRunner is a fully-managed waste and recycling service provider, powered by technology to drive efficiency, savings and improved commercial recycling services and commercial recycling collection. We make sure you get the right commercial recycling equipment and recycling services at a cost that makes sense for your business. We are modernizing commercial waste and recycling services with our flexible service offerings.

I need business recycling pick up. Does RoadRunner provide this?
Yes, as part of our fully-managed services, we provide business recycling pick up. We help deliver recycling programs for businesses that make the most sense for their operations - offering both traditional single-stream commercial recycling collection or our one-of-a-kind CleanStream™ services.