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4 Benefits To Your Business From Better Recycling Management

An efficient recycling program should be part of your operational waste management. Here are 4 benefits your business can enjoy from recycling better.

Bradford Arick | March 23, 2023


An efficient recycling program should be part of your operational waste management program. It’s no longer just that it’s the right thing to do for your business. A recycling program that fits your needs can lead to operational cost savings, reduces your carbon footprint, appeals to growing numbers of consumers, promotes a positive workplace environment, and protects employees.

Here is how recycling better can benefit your business in 4 areas: 

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1. saves operational costs

Your business can potentially save money through a better waste and recycling program. Performing a waste audit can provide insight into the volumes of materials generated, the costs for disposal, and the operational efficiency of your current management program. Having that information means possessing the ability to make location-specific decisions that are hyper-relevant to the needs of each. Recycling is generally lower in cost than sending materials to the landfill. Diverting more materials away from landfills reduces the frequency of waste pickups which can translate to lower bills. Inflation continues to impact vendor pricing. Landfill tipping fees also continue to increase. An efficient recycling program that fits the needs of your business can yield dividends.

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2. reduces carbon footprint

Placing a greater emphasis on an efficient recycling program for your business can lead to a direct reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. First, less waste sent to the landfill means there is less material to break down in an anaerobic environment. This decomposition creates methane that is released into the atmosphere. Measured against carbon dioxide, methane has 80 times the warming power after it reaches the atmosphere. Secondly, your business can cut carbon emissions through better diversion due to less vehicles making fewer trips to the landfill. This means less fossil fuels consumed and emissions released into the air.

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3. attracts climate-conscious consumers

Consumers today report wanting to support businesses that care about the environment. Implementing a recycling program can attract consumers and partners that are concerned about the environment to patronize your company. 

When it comes to paying more for sustainability, 75% of millennials and 64% of Gen X said they’re willing to do it. Another survey reported 44% of shoppers purchase products with less of an environmental impact versus other items. Still another found that 88% of global consumers would choose companies with ethical sourcing over other businesses. In the financial sector, a recent Gallup poll found 48% of investors were interested in purchasing shares in ESG funds.

Your company can tap into this market share and appeal to this segment of consumers with recycling.

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4. enhances workplace culture

Designing and executing a well-run recycling program for your business can be another tool to create employee engagement. Activities such as forming a Green Team or leading employee education programs can provide a deeper sense of fulfillment beyond normal job duties. When it comes to corporate sustainability, 90% of millennials surveyed said they found it very important in the workplace. A recycling program that serves the needs of your business can fit into this arena.

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