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Why Is Recycling More Important Now Than Ever?

Check out our list outlining how businesses can easily adhere to local recycling regulations, helping them recycle as much as possible!

Shelby Bell | February 2, 2018


Similarly to traffic laws and taxes, residential and commercial recycling regulations are managed at the stage and local level throughout the United States. The regulations are intended to maximize recycling efforts and minimize waste across communities. However, recycling rates have stayed stagnant despite the efforts of state and local officials to reduce waste. To help you understand more, we’ve compiled a list outlining how businesses can easily adhere to local recycling regulations, helping them recycle as much as possible!


Recycling Regulations

Markets are implementing regulatory mandates at growing rates. For example, Dallas, TX introduced zero-waste policies and diversion programs in 2013 that have shown potential to increase recycling. However, reports show that Dallas is behind the game in their zero-waste efforts. The adoption rate of the policies are at a minimum because commercial and residential spaces don't have access to basic recycling services. Dallas' diversion rate is currently at 20%, which is much lower than any other metropolis in Texas. Similarly, Philadelphia passed a law over twenty years ago that requires all businesses to recycle. The regulation states that business owners and Property Managers must implement a recycling plan and submit it to the city. Unfortunately, it's been reported that nearly 4/5 of businesses have not filed their recycling plans.



There is minimal data of adoption rates and engagements surrounding business recycling regulations. Regulations go a long way in defining rules and guidelines for businesses to follow, but participation is still low due to reasons ranging from expensive costs, not enough space to recycle and a lack of interest present from management.

Cost Savings

Did you know, 90% of businesses are overpaying for their waste and recycling services? (How many business owners agree with this statement?) A recycling plan will save your business money. As you recycle more, you produce less waste, which will allow your business to save money on waste fees.

Container Solutions

When was the last time you reviewed your waste and recycling setup? You could be over-paying for those bulky containers that take up a lot of room. You may be able to downsize to stream-specific recycling receptacles. No more worrying about those expensive steel containers.


Work with a recycling service (like RoadRunner) who will pay close attention to local recycling policies and provide solutions to your company needs. This will make recycling and waste management easier and more efficient! When recycling is more efficient, your business will recycle more!


RoadRunner is on a mission to change the way we recycle in America, by making recycling easier and helping businesses recycle more! Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below. Thanks for reading with us!



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