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Why Green Tech Careers are Essential to Preserving Our World

RoadRunner's technology team has developed innovative Green Technology which allows businesses to divert 99% of their recyclables.

Brian Ferris | February 24, 2022


It’s no secret that there’s a need in the world today for major advances in sustainable initiatives. While the waste and recycling industry struggles to evolve, RoadRunner is trailblazing a path that allows for businesses large and small to efficiently divert 99% of their recyclables from the landfill and save money in the process. Our development and implementation of new technologies are paving the way for a zero-waste world, and it’s driven by our first-class technology team.

Since the industrial revolution, scientists and organizations have been tracking major changes in the environment that can lead to alarming, and even catastrophic events. Most significantly, the global temperature has risen about 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 19th century due to methane emissions from garbage landfills, greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of natural materials, and carbon dioxide emissions from clearing forests and developing land. Landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the U.S., according to the EPA. This temperature increase has caused deviations to the natural environment including rising sea levels, arctic ice melting, and more frequent extreme weather events.


So how do we combat this? What can we do as individuals to drive change in our world today? By dedicating our time and contributing to the innovation of green technology.


Green Technology, otherwise known as Environmental Technology, is the use of environmental science to develop data-driven systems that monitor the environment, conserve natural resources, and reduce the negative impact of human involvement. This sort of tech can be used in a variety of different sectors such as waste and recycling management, water and air purification, sewage, renewable energy, and other industries dealing with natural resources. Green-tech can push the future towards sustainability and plays a key role in reducing our carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, and lowering pollution in an effort to preserve the longevity of our world. 


RoadRunner was founded on the belief that there has to be a better way for efficient recycling systems and cost-effective waste hauling. The industry itself has been bogged down for years due to the archaic, inefficient systems that have had minimal technological innovation. Meanwhile, landfills continue to pile up with valuable recyclable materials that never make their way to a recycling center. This flawed system leads to many harmful results for the environment, and for a business's bottom line. It takes a great idea to bring about change, but in order to be successful, there must be a dedicated team of individuals turning these ideas into a reality. RoadRunner identified new solutions that required new technologies; so we built them. Using algorithms and a wealth of data, we made huge advances in hauling efficiency that increases recycling rates, lowers costs, and implements a tailored portfolio management system.


Are you inspired to create a more sustainable future and have a passion for technology? Do you value working as a team while growing personally and professionally?

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