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urgent care facility partnership with RoadRunner with guaranteed cost savings, increased landfill diversion, and reliable customer service
Healthcare Facility

Urgent Care Facility: 17% Savings & Increased Recycling

A nationwide network of urgent care centers experienced 17% recurring monthly savings when they switched to RoadRunner. Read how in this case study.

The Challenge

A nationwide network of urgent care facilities with 200+ locations was being managed centrally out of the company’s Pittsburgh, PA headquarters. With several different waste and recycling providers across the company’s footprint, facilities management employees struggled with consolidating, tracking and managing waste operations. The company also suffered from an exorbitant amount of unfavorable charges on a monthly basis as a result of unconsolidated vendors and waste bills, including fees for excess yardage and contamination. They paid these charges in full, given the time-consuming nature of managing multi-location waste services and a lack of resources to negotiate waste bills or prioritize overhauling the current program. As a result, the company struggled with the following:

infographic containing MedExpress's struggles with waste and recycling

The Solution:

RoadRunner used market intelligence, proprietary technology and a dedicated team of industry experts to simplify the company's waste operation by fully consolidating and managing the company’s entire multi-location portfolio. This well-aligned partnership has driven value for the team by providing third-party waste and recycling expertise while increasing bandwidth for the staff, as they no longer need to handle the daily hassles of a large scale waste management operation. Put simply, RoadRunner:

infographic containing RoadRunner's solutions to MedExpress's struggles

RoadRunner’s Impact


Recurring Monthly Savings For urgent care facility
Consolidated Vendor & Single point of contact
Recycling Program Across 4 major U.S. markets

Portfolio Management

Consolidated waste and recycling operations for 200+ locations to drive annual hard savings all achieved through the negotiation of lower rates and the elimination of costly overage and contamination fees as well as the reduction of excessive yearly price increases from incumbent waste providers.

Diversion & Recycling

Customized program with RoadRunner’s CleanStream™ recycling service, initiated within a ~2 month period across 4 major U.S. markets.

infographic showcasing how RoadRunner increases MedExpress's sustainability


Cost Avoidance

In addition to saving the company 17% in recurring monthly costs, RoadRunner will also shield the network of urgent care centers from an estimated $100,000+ in typical industry price increases.


Let's get the conversation started on how to drive recycling and cost savings for your business.