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Logistics: Cost savings and simplified diversion systems

When dealing with logistics, efficiency and process matter. So when it comes to waste and recycling improvement, the challenge must be to improve waste management and recycling without interrupting business operations. And, these solutions need to be simple to adopt given the complexity of the supply chain, dealing with numerous suppliers, limited space for storage, various packaging and waste types and the need to be regulatory compliant.

The Challenge

Due to high volumes of materials moving in and out of terminals each day as well as the waste generated by fleets of trucks loading, unloading, and repackaging products for shipping and distribution-managing waste and recycling programs for a variety of facilities and vehicles was proving to be a challenge. The good news was that much of the waste generated was recyclable, including materials like corrugated cardboard, wooden pallets, plastic wrap, and more. However, knowing how to efficiently handle all of that within the scope of daily operations proved difficult. That’s where this logistics company turned to RoadRunner for strategic expertise and execution.

RoadRunner’s Impact

RoadRunner’s proprietary technology in tandem with our reliable service allows RoadRunner to create customized waste and recycling programs that fit your needs while making reuse and recovery more efficient and financially beneficial for logistics companies.

Cost Savings Annual


RoadRunner was able to identify inefficiencies in disposal practices at each distribution center. By implementing new staging systems, RoadRunner was able to help divert more recyclable from landfills.  Additionally, after a full audit, RoadRunner was able to leverage proprietary technology to identify fair market rates and negotiate lower rates for service. With these changes, RoadRunner drove an average of 16% savings.


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