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Unified CML: 10% savings and increased landfill diversion

Unified CML supplies over 370 Dunkin’ Donuts locations with baked donuts every day and is focused on delivering high quality products while being a reliable and sustainable supply chain partner.

The Challenge

In February 2019 Unified CML was looking for a strategic waste and recycling partner to help reduce costs while also solving recycling pain points tied to food waste. Wanting to focus on their day to day operations, Unified CML reached out to RoadRunner to oversee their waste operations. 

RoadRunner’s Impact

RoadRunner began by conducting a complete waste analysis using proprietary technology and identified significant cost savings opportunities. By March 2019, RoadRunner had negotiated a 10% cost savings with Unified CML’s existing hauling vendor, with zero disruptions to their service schedule or daily operations. 

Savings annual
Tons Food Waste Diverted annual

By April 2019, RoadRunner had implemented a food waste diversion program, helping Unified CML divert over 4000 buckets/month that were previously ending up in landfills. By May 2019, RoadRunner had also helped identify an opportunity for and implement a program for plastics recycling, drastically improving Unified CML’s sustainable operations. 


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