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a case study with Wabtec Corp where RoadRunner offered better customer service and guaranteed cost savings

Wabtec Corp: 18% savings on waste collection costs

Wabtec is committed to supporting a circular economy through waste reduction, produce reuse & remanufacturing and better recycling, while still delivering highly engineered rubber product for rail, transit and other global industries.

The Challenge

Wabtec knows that while transformative new innovations are critical, optimizing existing resources is how you scale your impact. And optimizing operational costs is part of that process. Recycling for manufacturers with a wide array of products, like Wabtec, can be difficult, and implementing waste and recycling pick-ups for the right materials can be time consuming and costly. Wabtec needed a strategic waste partner to oversee their waste operations and identify opportunities for cost savings so they could more effectively execute sustainable operations.

RoadRunner’s Impact

RoadRunner began by efficiently navigating multiple collection sites across multiple properties with varying waste generation levels to conduct a complete waste and recycling analysis. Leveraging our proprietary PriceShield and Oversite technology, RoadRunner was able to determine opportunities for rate adjustments and successfully decrease Wabtec's rates by 18%. 

Cost Savings Annual

RoadRunner also removed the hassle of rate negotiation, dealing directly with the waste hauler to deliver cost savings for Wabtec, while maintaining the same service levels as to not disturb Wabtec’s fine tuned operations.


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