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Multi-family Housing: 17% savings through customized waste and recycling

Waste and recycling for multi-family properties requires a coordinated effort between property managers, tenants, and waste management providers to develop effective waste management strategies that keep costs in check, reduce waste and maximize recycling.

The Challenge

Each Multi-family location has its own unique infrastructure and operational challenges. When dealing with traditional waste haulers, they are forced to accept a “one-size fits all” waste and recycling offerings. Multi-family portfolios often need a more strategic partner that can customize services, provide recycling education and act as a regulatory expert. And, they need to maintain reasonable waste and recycling costs, which can prove difficult due to high volumes of waste generated across multiple units.

RoadRunner’s Impact

We recognize that each property has its own unique infrastructure and operations. We coordinate the complexity and customize a simple solution that makes sense for each location across your entire portfolio. 

Cost Savings Annual
Savings Annual

On average, we save our Multi-family Housing Portfolios 17% on waste and recycling costs. With waste metering technology, RoadRunner can remotely monitor and more accurately schedule and coordinate regular collections, as needed. 

And with our team of waste experts, we keep track of regional and federal regulatory changes and consult with you on compliance measures, while also providing customized tracking and reporting, as needed. 

Acting as a single point of contact, we oversee all your waste and recycling operations, partner with you to achieve diversion and green building certification (LEED) goals and help educate tenants on proper recycling and waste management.



Let's get the conversation started on how to drive recycling and cost savings for your business.