Your Questions, Answered…

Who is RoadRunner Recycling?

RoadRunner Recycling proudly offers the only waste and recycling service of its kind in the United States. Whether your business is in need of scheduled waste & recycling services, or a ‘one-off’ bulk pickup, we are able to provide those services at a significantly lower cost than you’re used to paying, while recycling as much as possible.

If you are interested in seeing how RoadRunner can help your business, feel free to give us a call at (888) 871-7623 ext. 0

What materials can I recycle with RoadRunner?

We can help you recycle anything, so long as you have a relatively significant amount of the material(s) – like cardboard, paper, wood, or other common recycling commodities. RoadRunner can recycle those materials for you as a part of a scheduled service or one-time pickup.

What if my business is already in a waste contract?

RoadRunner works in co-existence with any waste hauler in the United States. If your business is currently under contract with another waste hauler you are still able to join us!

How does the on-boarding process work?

After signing your agreement, you will receive a dually-executed copy within 24-48hrs. From that point on, depending when your integration date is with RoadRunner, you will receive periodic communications from our Account Management team, setting expectations and keeping you up-to-date on timing of your integration. At the time of your integration date, RoadRunner begins implementing the waste & recycling strategy we developed for your business to achieve savings.

Does RoadRunner provide inter-office receptacles for collecting materials?

Yes! We can provide low-cost, appropriately labeled waste and recycling receptacles to ensure your business’ waste & recycling materials end up in the right place.

My business does not currently recycle, can we still work with you?

Yes, that’s what we’re here for! We can help you identify what to recycle, plus we’ll help you get everything you need to get started and make the program a success. We understand your staff is busy – we promise little operational change and always make it easy for everyone involved.

Do I sign a contract with RoadRunner?

RoadRunner’s services are on a month-to-month basis until we achieve target savings for your company, at which point, our contract begins with a three-year term, which is standard contract length in the waste industry.

How much on-site assistance / education does RoadRunner provide?

RoadRunner is a big believer in customer education. Each customer receives on-site training and education materials for operational staff, as needed, to ensure best practices are followed.

Will my business receive checks for the materials?

In most cases, RoadRunner reimburses your business for the value of your recycling materials via cost savings, based off a benchmark, in your recurring monthly invoice.

What is an API (annual price increase) in the waste industry?

APIs are Between 5% and 20%. RoadRunner is able to cap this at a maximum of 5% for the majority of our customers.

Will my business' carbon footprint be reduced?

Yes – significantly. RoadRunner’s service model eliminates the ‘inefficient’ pieces of the current system for waste & recycling. In doing so, we are able offer the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective commercial waste & recycling solution in the United States.

Do I need to separate my recyclables?

Yes, in most cases we ask customers to place materials into designated RoadRunner containers. This process goes a long way in retaining the value in the recyclables for your business, by ensuring the materials do not become contaminated or require additional separation.

Can RoadRunner provide reporting & metrics for consumption and diversion?

Yes – upon request we are able to provide a wide range of sustainability reporting metrics. If your organization develops or is required to provide reporting we are more than happy to assist you in gathering the necessary information and data.

How does RoadRunner make money?

RoadRunner operates under a shared-savings model. Unlike other waste haulers, our goals are completely aligned with those of the customer – to make waste & recycling more cost-effective and reduce the amount of material send to landfill.

We do not make money unless we save our customer money.

If RoadRunner does not save my business money, can I get out of the agreement?

Yes, we include a ‘performance out’ clause in our agreements, which states that a customer can leave the contract if we are not able to achieve savings. Our contracts begin as ‘month-to-month’ and transition into 36-month agreements (standard for the waste industry) upon us achieving the savings for your business.

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