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4 Waste & Recycling Trends to Watch in 2022

We've put together a quick list of trends and predictions for the waste and recycling industry in 2022 that you can reference as you traverse the year ahead. Read on for more.

Rachel Brown | February 3, 2022


Today, the world moves fast. With the proliferation of technology and speedy innovations, it is getting harder to keep up or predict what the future holds. Moreover, with tons of trends lists for every industry circulating, it can oftentimes be difficult to sift through them all to know what is most important. 

That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of trends and predictions for the waste and recycling industry that you can reference as you traverse the year ahead. Read on for more.


We’ve written about environmental regulations before as a somewhat contentious topic in the industry. However, as sustainability goals take center stage across various industries and institutions, new regulations and laws will become increasingly important to keep an eye on. 

For example, a number of states passed legislation related to waste and recycling last year—from extended producer responsibility laws to single-use plastic bans—and these types of laws and regulations are only expected to become more common as sustainability goals, consumer preferences, and climate change continue to put pressure on companies to meet these sustainability-driven expectations.

Whether it’s pushing for more recycled content in products or expanding how our nation handles organic waste, companies will have to be mindful of how potential environmental laws and federal regulations may impact them while also ensuring they have partners in place to assist with any changes to come.


At RoadRunner, we understand this trend intimately and believe there will be no slowing down when it comes to the impact technology and innovation will have on recycling systems across the nation this year and beyond.

Whether it’s leveraging technology to separate materials, create more efficient recycling routes, or better predict waste volumes for a business or city, improving and applying technology will be a key focus for the waste and recycling industry to ensure a brighter and greener future for all.

You can learn more here about how RoadRunner’s proprietary technology helps companies succeed in their waste and recycling programs—from improving monthly recycling rates to identifying areas of opportunity to lower recurring waste costs.


The way products are packaged has already been a point of discussion for a few years, but this year we will see a massive acceleration in this space. 

Whether it’s refillable containers, reusable packaging, or fully compostable packages, there are a number of innovations in this area that are aiming to support a more circular economy model than linear. 

Be sure to share in the comments below any interesting updates about sustainable packaging, as the ideas in this space are growing to be increasingly fun, creative, and environmentally effective.


Each year sustainability as a practice, not just a preference, becomes more important to consumers and employees. Whether it’s the cost of raw materials and products rising, the threat of climate change, or simply a shift in the collective outlook—sustainability must be a priority for businesses hoping to attract consumers and retain employees.

For companies that want to ensure they remain competitive and relevant well into the future, finding ways to be more sustainable will be an investment. In the U.S. alone, 61% of consumers have said that sustainability is an important purchase criterion when shopping.

What will your organization do to ensure that sustainability isn’t just a line item but a foundational practice to how your business runs?

Hopefully, the above has shed light on a few trends to watch in the waste and recycling space for 2022. And, if your company needs strategic materials management partner to assist in your sustainability needs, RoadRunner is here to help. 

Whether it’s auditing your waste and recycling practices, improving your materials management, streamlining your waste operations, increasing your recycling effectiveness, or simply saving money on your waste bill—We have the technology, expertise, and team in place to help ensure that your business will succeed in its sustainability goals now and into the future. 

Reach out to learn more about how RoadRunner can help your business, here.



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