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Celebrating Sustainability

6 Easy Green Commitments for Businesses in the New Year

As the world welcomes a new year where sustainability will be in nearly every discussion, businesses will be in need of easy green initiatives.

Rachel Brown | January 6, 2022


As the world turns over a new leaf—with very green attitudes toward everything from purchasing decisions to improved recycling—businesses need more than just another empty resolution. This year, and every year from this point, will be about lasting commitments to sustainability. 

Every habit, whether for an individual or an organization, takes small steps to build into an ongoing practice. With budgets resetting and brand reputations on the line, it’s time to consider adopting one or more of the following sustainability tips with a little intention. In doing so, you’ll witness the positive changes, both big and small, that ensue. 



In the average office setting, at least in pre-pandemic times, American workers produced two pounds of mixed paper waste per day and went through roughly 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year. While going fully paperless may seem daunting, cutting back on your paper usage is much more manageable and a great way to be more sustainable too! 

Small changes, like double-sided printing, switching to electronic billing or paying through an online portal, using recycled printer paper, and opting out of junk mail are a few additional ways you can impact your paper usage to be more environmentally friendly.



A growing crisis and national inflection point of the EPA, Americans waste nearly 40% of all food produced. Once in landfill, that rotting food makes up roughly 8% of all human-caused methane emissions. 

Setting up a composting program in your office will not only divert food from your waste containers but also decrease your waste costs. By implementing a compost bin, you can turn office food scraps into a nutrient-rich soil that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of waste sent to landfill.



Getting involved in your community and volunteering is a great way to forge professional relationships while working together on a cause you care about. Aside from positively impacting your community, it also builds your company brand image and bonding within teams.

If your company needs a launch-off point, begin laying the groundwork for a big Earth Day effort—one with complete buy-in from the entire company.



Saving energy within your business not only helps the environment but saves money for your business when it comes to utility costs. Small changes like automatically turning off the lights and computers at the end of the day, using energy-saving light bulbs, or installing efficient HVAC systems can make a huge difference for your business, the environment, and your bottom line.

On the manufacturing side, using recycled resources like glass cullet or post-consumer aluminum ingots has proven to drastically cut down energy costs. 



Avoid single-use items like paper coffee cups, plastic bags, and plastic bottles. Instead, consider purchasing more durable items like ceramic coffee mugs, reusable tote bags, and glass water bottles to reduce the amount of waste your business generates while also sending less waste to landfill.

As single-use plastic bans sweep the nation, the days of those workplace “disposables” may be numbered.



There are several benefits your business can receive when you invest in recycling. Not only does smarter recycling decrease waste costs, but it also diverts waste from landfill (and your own dumpster) and is an eco-friendly way to get employees engaged at your organization.

From a supply chain and economic perspective, your recycling can lower the cost of post-consumer materials, a commodity becoming increasingly scarce as more and more companies commit to their use.


By simply taking some slow, deliberate steps, with the understanding that they will eventually add up to a bigger impact over time, your business can position itself for the green future to come. 

Want to make a positive change this year, for the environment or for your waste bill, allow us to show you some of our tech-driven solutions.



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