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RoadRunner’s FleetHaul Saved Nearly A Hundred Million Gallons Of Water In 2022

FleetHaul is solving complex logistics and sustainability challenges for thousands of customers across the country.

Bradford Arick | February 16, 2023


Nearly a quarter million trees, more than 97 million gallons of water, and over 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide: these are real numbers showing the impact of RoadRunner’s FleetHaul program. FleetHaul is solving complex logistics and sustainability challenges for thousands of customers across the country.

RoadRunner is a fully consolidated waste and recycling management company. FleetHaul is our network of local haulers operating across the United States. Beyond saving trees and gallons of fuel, FleetHaul helps cut carbon emissions for your company, optimize your waste management program, keep costs in check for your business, and reach your diversion goals.

Here we’ll explain more about the program, we’ll give you the data to prove how it’s making a difference, and you’ll also hear directly from our FleetHaul drivers about why it’s an unparalleled operation.

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what is fleethaul?

FleetHaul is RoadRunner’s hauling network of fleet-based, independent, and licensed owners and operators. FleetHaulers transport identifiable, salable materials to local buyers utilizing vehicles with better fuel efficiency than the standard garbage truck. 

In this unique program, RoadRunner’s logistics engines chart the most efficient routes for drivers. At the same time, our internal teams get to work creating custom strategies for our customers to sell and recycle materials. We handle materials like cardboard, paper, plastic, wood, metals, tires, electronics, compost, and other non-hazardous items.

The vehicles hauling materials are independently owned and operated outside of RoadRunner. We partner with these local drivers because it’s more efficient, burns less fuel, is less costly to maintain, and lowers the carbon footprint. 

FleetHaul works for your business to recycle more than 99% of all materials collected from recycling bins when traditional haulers in your area don’t offer service. FleetHaul’s logistics engines power increased efficiency when servicing your business and chart the most effective route to facilities that want your recyclables or organics. That translates to cost savings for customers.

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how fleethaul can solve your challenges

A grocer operating a regional chain of markets needed to find an outfit that could move its growing and diversified recycling streams. The company utilized the power of RoadRunner’s FleetHaul program to gather clean, in-demand products and find local facilities where these materials were in demand. That included things like organics and electronics among more traditional recyclable materials. 

Using FleetHaul, the grocer was able to keep nearly 350 tons of compost and organic material out of the landfill.

More than 1,000 tons of cardboard were recycled through FleetHaul along with 25 tons of batteries. 

FleetHaul helped move these materials as part of a complete waste and recycling portfolio management program, which also helped the grocer save money.

Fleethaul's year in review

2022 was a pretty remarkable year for RoadRunner’s FleetHaul program. We helped tens of thousands of customers save nearly 100 million gallons of water while at the same time cutting more than 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the landfill.

Here’s a full breakdown of what FleetHaul was able to accomplish this past year:


That’s just a snapshot of what FleetHaul accomplished for our customers. With an even greater emphasis on cutting carbon emissions and optimizing waste management programs, 2023’s final numbers are projected to be even higher.

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Don't take our word for it

Don’t just take our word about how great RoadRunner’s FleetHaul works.

Here’s what some of our FleetHaul drivers have to say:


RoadRunner’s FleetHaul program makes a real difference for your business. Whether your company is after cost savings, right-sizing your waste management program, or cutting greenhouse gas emissions, FleetHaul can accomplish the goal. 

FleetHaul is just one way RoadRunner is doing things differently for businesses. Our waste industry intelligence data is world-class with AI, real-time metering, and machine learning capabilities powering our innovative engines. It allows us to find custom solutions that fit your exact needs. We’re maximizing results and unlocking new opportunities for customers every day.

RoadRunner is your waste intelligence and cost-savings expert. Put our tools to work for your business today.



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