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Why Right-Sizing Waste Equipment For Your Business Matters

Right-sizing dumpsters, bins, carts, and other equipment can have lots of benefits when it comes to your bottom line and meeting sustainability goals.

Bradford Arick | October 20, 2022


No two businesses are exactly alike, and the same applies to waste and recycling plans. There’s no universal solution that fits every operation across the board. A comprehensive waste management program involves choosing the correct equipment that fits the needs of your business. This is called “right-sizing.”

Right-sizing dumpsters, bins, carts, and other equipment can have lots of benefits when it comes to your bottom line and meeting sustainability goals. While there are many more reasons out there to make sure your waste management plan is optimized, we’re highlighting just a few.

Here are 3 reasons to make sure your business is right-sizing for better waste management


1. Saves Money

Whether your business is new or has been around for a hundred years, saving money is always a win. When it comes to waste management, there are ways to make that happen with a clear picture of what your business needs.

Many waste haulers might simply outfit your business with a 4-yard dumpster whether that fits your business’s needs or not. It could be too big for the volume of waste your business generates. In that case, you’re paying for space that isn’t getting filled. On the other hand, the equipment could also be too small. Many haulers won’t empty overflowing bins, which could result in you having to pay extra fees to take it away. 

Another potential issue is the schedule for pickups. If your carts are only half full when they’re being emptied, your business might want to explore reducing the number of pickups. It’s another potential cost savings for your business.

Knowing how much service and the correct size of the equipment your business realistically needs can mean more cash in your pocket.

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2. Conserves Resources, Cuts Carbon Emissions

Right-sizing your waste management equipment is a measure of sustainability. It can help your business meet green goals by conserving resources and reducing carbon emissions. 

Here’s one way that can happen: recycling. Implementing a recycling program and right-sizing the equipment for it means less material is being dumped into waste bins. That results in smaller dumpsters needed for true waste materials and fewer trucked to the landfill. It saves space, time, and money for your business. 

Along those lines, right-sizing also helps cut carbon emissions. When both businesses and consumers are increasingly considering environmental impacts, this is another step toward meeting sustainability goals. Having the right equipment to handle your business’s waste means fewer pickups and less wasted space. You’re maximizing the efficiency of your waste management plan. Fewer pickups mean fewer trips on the road, cutting both fuel use and emissions.

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3. Helps You Manage Waste More Efficiently

Ensuring your waste equipment is the right size for your needs is a practical way to manage your waste more efficiently. It can help you track what is being thrown away and what is being recycled. Right-sizing ensures your business has enough space to manage waste streams. It also means your equipment is getting serviced on a schedule that works for you. An efficient waste management plan means there’s little that goes to waste, including space in your bins or dumpsters. Efficient plans use less energy and fewer resources, all of which equals good news for the environment.

Sustainability might be your ultimate goal as a business and efficient waste management can help you get there.

That’s not the full list of reasons why you should do your due diligence as a business with your waste management. But understanding the ins and outs of the waste your business generates means you’re armed with the best information to manage it. Waste haulers are running a business to make a profit, which means the efficiency of waste plans for your business is not always the priority. Right-sizing saves your business money and helps you reach your sustainability goals. Having the correct equipment to handle your waste streams also helps avoid potential fines, keeps employees safe, and means you place a high value on knowing your business inside and out.

At RoadRunner, we can do the trash math for your business. We go beyond simply providing a dumpster and setting up a service schedule. Our green technologies power us to create a custom waste and recycling management program on your schedule and in a way that works for your business. We have the power to help your business track and figure out how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Let our team find the most affordable, right-sized solutions for you!



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